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Australia's Leading Small Family Business specialising in Kitchenware's and Homewares at Smashed Down Prices!
Kitchenware's and Homewares at Smashed Down Prices!

Wüsthof Crafter Knife Series

Fast-paced consumerism and carelessly produced fast food - that's not our world.

With the WÜSTHOF Crafter knife series, it offers you a high-quality product and, with the careful selection of raw materials from smoked oak, brass and stainless steel, set a conscious counterpoint to the masses. This is exactly how to create durable cooking tools for every individual kitchen craftsman.

And this is exactly how the robust WÜSTHOF Crafter knife will becomes your ingenious companion when preparing and preparing fresh food. Completely manufactured in Solingen, Germany.

Wüsthof also provides lifetime warranty and Free Knife Sharpening Service.