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Kitchenware's and Homewares at Smashed Down Prices!

Wüsthof Diamond Sharpening Steel 23cm 4480-7

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Wüsthof Sharpeners. Preparation is only really effortless with consistently sharpened tools.

Only a sharp blade is a safe blade. Keeping the blade's edge as sharp as possible at all times is very important for safe cutting, since the balance of a blunt blade can be dangerous when additional force is added and can lead to injuries.

No matter how high quality and exceptionally good at cutting a knife is made, even the best knives lose their sharpness over time through wear and tear on the food items or chopping board.

To reproduce this excellent cutting quality in the everyday kitchen, Wüsthof has a variety of solutions to hone and sharpen - for safe, efficient and pleasurable cutting at any time.

  • Ideal for effectively sharpening knives in your own home.
  • Flat shape produces an optimum edge on the knives.
  • The rod is made of a core of solid stainless steel.
  • Each rod can have up to 2 million diamond grains on the surface.
  • The extremely fine grit guarantees a smooth cutting edge.
  • Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults and defects.