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Kitchenware's and Homewares at Smashed Down Prices!

Scanpan HaptIQ Fry Pan

by Scanpan
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Keep this Scanpan Frypan on hand for all those frying jobs like scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and omelettes. The HaptIQ line is manufactured out of squeeze-cast aluminium and premium stainless steel, featuring appealing trims and handles made from mirror polished cast stainless steel. With a durable non-stick coating, you can be rest assured that the HaptIQ range will meet the great demands of your busy kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Features a 5-ply squeeze-cast 100% recycled aluminium core and a layer of polished stainless steel exterior, allowing optimum heat distribution and maximum durability
  • Ultimate cooking surface with patented Stratanium + non-stick coating is suitable for metal utensils and intensive use
  • Has riveted, stay-cool mirror polished handle in stainless steel for safe lifting and handling
  • Built with high, sloping sides for easy tossing or flipping of ingredients
  • Ideal for sauteing, frying, simmering and even baking
  • Also decorative for serving directly from the stove to the dining table
  • Suitable for ceramic, gas, halogen, radiant ring cooktops including induction
  • Equip your kitchen with equally versatile cookware from Scanpan HaptIQ range


    Construction 100% recycled aluminium and stainless steel with
    Stratanium+ non-stick coating
    Dimensions (20cm) 20cm (rim diameter)
    14.8cm (base diameter)
    Weight (20cm) 870g
    Dimensions (24cm) 24cm (rim diameter)
    16.3cm (base diameter)
    Weight (24cm) 1.35kg
    Dimensions (26cm) 26cm (rim diameter)
    18cm (base diameter)
    Weight (26cm) 1.5kg
    Dimensions (28cm) 28cm (rim diameter)
    19.6cm (base diameter)
    Weight (28cm) 1.75kg
    Dimensions (32cm) 32cm (rim diameter)
    22.8cm (base diameter)
    Weight (32cm) 2.1kg
    Oven safe Yes, up to 260C
    Cleaning and care Dishwasher safe but hand washing recommended
    Warranty 10 years against all manufacturing defects
    Designed in Denmark
    Made in Denmark
    Induction Compatible Yes

    Maintenance and Care

    • Take care not to overheat the product, this will reduce the non-stick effect .
    • Overheating is not covered by the warranty
    • Using an aerosol spray is not recommended as it burns at lower temperatures
    • Heat the product to medium heat for a few minutes before frying either with or without oil
    • Products with stainless steel handles may get hot over time, so you may need to use an oven mitt when touching the handles
    • The product is best cleaned when still warm.Leave to cool for 5 minutes before washing in hot water with washing up liquid. Use a soft nylon scourer and vigorously scrub the pan with hot soapy water, ensuring all food fat and residue is removed. Never use harsh or abrasive cloths or cleaning liquids/pastes.The product should always be clean before being dried and stored.
    • Whilst dishwasher safe, SCANPAN will always recommend hand washing to extend the life of the product.