Global 35TH Anniversary Cooks Knife 19CM

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Crafted in Japan from the finest grade stainless steel, ice tempered and hardened, then perfectly weighted, the razor sharp blades of the Global 35th Anniversary 19cm Cook's  will be an absolute favourite to professionals and home cooks alike. The combination of superior materials and techniques result in knives that strenuously resist corrosion or stains and will hold an edge for longer. Covering every kitchen task from paring, chopping, slicing and even preparing sashimi, this collation of celebratory Global knives simply completes your knife collection and essentials at home.  perfect for mincing, cutting, chopping, slicing and prep work.

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Specially made knife set in celebration of Global’s 35th year anniversary

  • 19cm cook’s knife
  • Blades are made from Cromova 18 stainless steel to retain sharpness longer and to resist rust and stains
  • Handles are seamlessly fused to the blades to keep the knives free from dirt or bacterial buildup
  • Dimpled pattern on the handles and the rounded spines allow for better grip and optimum knife control