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Charcoal Grill Bbq Eva Solo | Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbæk

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Simple and functional is this Charcoal Grill. Elegantly designed and made from solid stainless steel, inside and out, with a flat lid for storage. Place wood logs onto the glowing coals to convert to a bonfire and enjoy a few more hours al fresco.

49cm features:
  • Charcoal bucket with handle - easily remove ash
  • Also functions as a bonfire

59cm features:
  • Larger grill
  • Opens at the side so it can be used for storing charcoal and grill tools when not in use
  • Also functions as a bonfire

How it works:
  • Beneath the lid sits a coal bucket; this is where the grill is lit
  • After use, remove coal bucket and empty ash
  • Convert to a bonfire with the addition of wood logs
  • Place flat lid (included) on top for storage
  • Two year warranty
Material: Stainless steel

Cleaning instructions:
  • Always check grill is cool before cleaning
  • To clean, wipe in the direction of the polish lines
  • Wash with hot water and mild detergent, rinse and wipe dry
  • Clean regularly
  • Surface of grill prone to damage if sharp implements/abrasive cleaning agents used
  • Cooking grid, coal grate and burner compartment will darken over time, through heat exposure
  • Coal grate (which sits in bottom of grilling compartment) may form superficial rust; this is only cosmetic and will not lead to corrosion
Item in packaging
Length: 88 cm
Width : 70 cm
Height : 70 cm
Weight : 35 kg
Item size and weight
Length: 61 cm
Width : 61 cm
Height : 820 cm
Weight : 28.7 kg
Capacity : ml
Item details
Material : Stainless Steel