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What's a Chefs Knive?

What's a Chefs Knive?

For a start good chef's knife can do it all, from slicing and dicing to more complicated tasks such as . Secondly Chef Knife is generally large and longer than a Cooks Knife.

Few products that I would highly recommend as a professional chef would be

Miyabi 5000FCD Gyutoh Chef's Knife 24cm

A great chefs knife Japanese would be the Miyabi 5000FCD Series range that will be a delight for lovers of the Japanese cuisine with their perfect balance and comfortable handle prefect for slicing thinly sliced sashimi. 
The blade core, constructed from FC61 Fine Carbide steel holds its sharp edge and is incredibly durable, surrounded by 48 layers of Damask steel. Its slim yet stable blade delivers a perfectly controlled and clean cut that is perfect for cutting or slicing through meat or fish but cutting extremely hard and/or frozen items (i.e. bones, seeds, metal, etc.) will damage your knife.

(SALE!) Miyabi 5000FCD Gyutoh Chef's Knife 24cm 62484
Affordable option 
The Furi Pro Chef’s Knife means business. With a blade measuring 23cm (9 inch) it's longer than most knives and this extra length gives it more leverage for those large cutting jobs. The workhorse in the kitchen or restaurant, the Füri Pro Chef’s Knife is designed for effortless chopping and slicing of meats or quick and easy vegetable prep.
Furi Pro Chef's Knife 23cm

 A chefs knife set is the prefect way to start your knive collection that generally has everything and the one that has been used for generations of chefs would be  Victorinox Swiss Classic Kitchen Set, 7 pieces  that has been expertly crafted in Switzerland in 1884, Victorinox also provides a lifetime against defects in material and workmanship. Making a Lifetime commitment has never been so easy. 

Victorinox Swiss Classic Kitchen Set, 7 pieces

If you like to find your prefect knive, click here to see our wide range of chefs knife

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